New Partner Instruction

This is a simple Step by step guide to help you add your Home, and adding your tour here:

First you will sign up, by clicking on Register as Partner.
You will receive a confirmation email
Go back to the site using the password provided to you in that email and log in.

  1. Choose submit Accommodation OR Submit Tour
  2. for Hotels you must submit room type(s)
  3. Begin by choosing a title
  4. Add a description highlighting features of your property.
  5. Choose a Featured image, this will display on the main page of your home.
  6. Choose Vacation Rental or Applicable Tour
  7. For Vacation rentals disable room type, this is only applicable to hotels
  8. Submit  Vacancies this is where you will enter your rates for homes
  9. My Tour schedules is where you enter rates for tours
  10. My tour bookings is to enter existing bookings


  1. Most of the fields after this are self explanatory, here are a few that you may question:
  2. Enter contact email address – where you will receive inquiries once rates and calendar are set up
  3. Website addresses are only allowed on paid accounts and subject to approval
  4. Accommodation type is Vacation Rental.
  5. Choose as many facilities that are applicable
  6. Location, select applicable location, if it is not existing yet, we will add it for you , just email us to
  7. Gallery Images, you are allowed up to 25, please be sure they are high quality images, no blurry images will be allowed, the site will auto adjust the size if they are too big

That’s it for setting up the accommodation, once we receive it, we will contact you, and approve for the website, as next you will need to set up vacancies (rates) and bookings (reservations).

We charge $350.00 annual. Your property will not be live until paid for in full.

Thank you and welcome to A Perfect Vacation Home