New Delhi

New Delhi

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New Delhi is the capital of India.

Delhi and New Delhi are used interchangeably to refer to the National Capital Territory of Delhi. Tehy are two distinct entitities, with New Delhi forming a small part of Delhi

Delhi has served as the political and financial center of several empires of Ancient India and the Dehli Sultante, most notably of the Mughal Empire from 1649 to 1857.

During the early 1900’s a proposal was made to the British administration to shift the capital of the British Indian Empire, as India was officially names, from Calcutta on the east coast, to Delhi. The Government of British India felt it would be logistically easier to administer India from Delhi in the center of Northern India.

The climate of New Delhi is humid, subtropical climate, bordering hot semi arid climate, with high variation between summer and winter in terms of both temperature and rainfall. Features long hot summers and relatively dry mild winters. Summers are long, extending from early April to October. Winter starts in November and peaks in January. The Monsoon season normally occurs in the middle of summer. The annual mean temperature is around 77 degrees F, or 25 C

New Delhi has a population of approximately 257,000. Hindi is widely spoken languages in New Delhi. English is primarily used as the formal language by business and government institutes.

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New Delhi, India
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