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Italy is the home of the Roman Empire; together with Greece, they are at the top as to the birthplace of the western culture. Italy is made up of twenty regions which are being separated into one hundred ten provinces, which are then divided into eight thousand, one hundred one communes. The vast area of Italy became the breeding ground for the rich culture and dependable attractions. No wonder it holds the top spot in the UNESCO World Heritage site listings with 51 to be exact.

Italy became one of the tourist attractions in the world. It is the home of some of the most known structures in the world. Why can’t it be famous when Rome, Italy is also the place where the Vatican is? It is considered as a holy place especially for the Roman Catholics. Truly, Italy became one of the most sought after country when the reason for travel is spirituality. And due to its unending popularity, Italy’s cultures influence some cultures in the past world, also in the modern technological world.

An old country as it is, Italy was the leader to different architectural styles: classical, roman, renaissance, baroque and neoclassical; which can be truly fascinating, as we can see up to now the styles that have been passed down from generation to generation. The structures and buildings, even the art and music are still apparent even up to the present time.

Vacation Italy

Italy will never let you down! UNESCO World Heritage wouldn’t include in the list the ‘treasures’ of Italy if they didn’t appreciate the beauty of those listed sites. Italy offers a lot of activities that you could do if you pick it as your next travel destination. And with any reasons you have for travel, surely Italy has answers to that!

Only your imagination can make or break you in enjoying the perfect vacation tours in Italy. When you are in Italy, let your imagination unfolds and bring you to the ‘renaissance period’, for example. Being a tourist in Italy is not easy, because you have so many attractions to choose from and yet you have limited time to stay.

Are you up for a fashion show? Milan is the fashion capital in Italy and thousands of people make a visit to go for shopping of top-of-the-line clothing brands and/or watch some of the big fashion shows in the world.

If you are up for some gondola ride there with your one true love, ‘the sinking city’ has it for you! Venice has been known as one of the most romantic cities in the world. Every day, there are couples riding the gondola.

Renting Vacation Homes in Italy

Italy is a place where you always want to visit. A place to stay there is not a problem; we know some villas in Italy, which you can choose from. Prices are surely made affordable because we know Italy is something we can all afford for a great trip. We have all the lists of villas ready for you to check. So what are you waiting for? Book now with us!

LA BARCHESSA Exclusive holiday villa near Venice

LA BARCHESSA Exclusive holiday villa near Venice

Price from $ 750
The Barchessa is a self-catering holiday home located inside the left wing of Ca’Marcello, a P More info

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